“We are North America’s first federal political party dedicated solely to the protection of all animals and the environment.”

Join us and speak up for animals!

“The Canadian government’s environmental policies are killing us, and they will never improve until environmentalists reward politicians who protect the environment and animals, and punish those who don’t.

“We can only do that in elections.”

Liz White, Leader
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada


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To find your MP, enter your Postal Code in the “Voter Information Service” on the homepage of Elections Canada or call our office today!

Dutch party for the animals
The Dutch political ‘Party for the Animals’ are represented in the House of Representatives in Dutch parliament and have the highest priority to improve animal welfare and the respectful treatment of animals. Click to visit their website.
Animal rights parties world wide

Limits on Contributions
Elections Canada has increased the annual limit for total contributions to a particular registered political party to $1,500. Click here to visit their website.
For anyone wishing to modify his / her monthly donation, please contact us today.

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